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With affordable prices, you will always come back to us… or else!  well, we can come to you!!

YYC Repairs is a professional Cell phone and computer repair shop in Canada, specializing in iPhone, Samsung, LG Phone as well as apple MacBook Pro and iMac repairs. Our sharp focus on these brands allows us to offer the highest quality repairs in Calgary with incredibly quick turnaround times. You will be taken care of at a timely manner whether you walk-in or book an appointment.

Our technical knowledge and extensive experience allows us to effectively advise our clients when a device is fixable, and when it is simply a lost cause. We would rather lose potential business than offer a repair that we feel is not in your best interest.

One of the toughest parts of this industry is sourcing high-quality parts, on a consistent basis. The average shop, mall kiosk, and even some big brand retailers do not have the experience and knowledge to do this effectively. These establishments often rely on buying cheap, low-grade parts that tend to malfunction or fall apart a few days after a repair. And we know this from experience – we re-fix shoddy work done elsewhere on a weekly basis!

Phone Repairs Near Me

Calgary based cell phone repair shop with cases and accessories for iPhone, Samsung and other phones with best prices and fastest turnaround time in town. We also do work on Mac and PC computers as well as tablets.

Need Your Screen Replaced?

Cell phone repairs have never been easier than this!! Walk in to be greeted by your technician who will directly explain the issue and will provide you with estimate Price and time it takes, whether its only a 5 minute screen replacement on an iPhone 6s or motherboard repair on a more rare phone.